Hello Folks!

To celebrate the launch of Shùil, we wanted to promote a tiny giveaway! Consider it a small way, on our end, to give back for all the amazing support you’ve been showing so far.

The prizes are:
🎁 A physical copy of Shùil, which will be released on February 1st! 📀
🎁 2 high quality prints of two of the artworks (20x30cm, just the picture – not the frame) 🖼🖼
🎁 1 “Shùil” t-shirt, of which you’ll be able to chose the fit, size and color 👕👚

You’ll see all the prices in the gallery below!

So, straight to the rules, which are pretty straightforward:

👉🏻 To have a chance to be picked for one of the prizes you’ll ❗️JUST❗️ have to follow @shuil_music on Instagram and comment T H I S post. Simple as that 🎈
👉🏻 No “tag friends” or “follow this page and that page” 😆
👉🏻 The prizes will be chosen randomly, one extraction for each prize 🎁
👉🏻 One person wins one prize, ⚠️ more comments don’t mean more chances ⚠️ so please don’t spam 🚫
👉🏻 No bot or spam accounts allowed 🤖, you have to be real human being!
👉🏻 You’ll have until February the 2nd to partecipate, the winners will be selected by a randomizer 🎲 and I’ll be live here on IG as the selection happens 🎲
👉🏻 I’ll publish a post on February the 3rd announcing the names of the winners, then I’ll contact them to get all the info required for shipping the goodies 😁

It’s truly humbling for us to see even a little bit of appreciation on something we worked SO hard to create, we truly hope you all are digging the content on this page and we can’t wait for Shùil to be listened to by you all!

C’mon, rules are simple, just go nuts! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

Cheers 🍻 👊🏼🦾

Click the image below to enter the giveaway!