The Crew

All the people who contributed in the creation of this work

Shùil has been created by Alessio Felicioni, who wrote down the concept and composed all the musical tracks, aside from the vocal melodies.

He selected few, trustworthy musicians to contribute in the making of the project, each of whom added a huge value to the final result.

From the restyling of the orchestral and drum parts to the creation of all the guitar and voice lines (both lead and backing), every musician put his expertise in the creation of a unique concept album, mixing different genres but preserving its own identity.

Alessio Felicioni

Keyboards & Synthesizers, Orchestral arrangment, VST, sound design, narrating voice

Alessio is the mind behind the whole Shùil concept.
He is a professional photographer, filmaker and composer; he’s been playing the keyboards since 1995 and composing music for video since 2014.
He never defined himself a pianist, but a keyboads player and sound designer; the key aspect of is work with music is the experimentation and perfectioning of new sounds and textures.
With Shùil, he tried to put years and years of music identity all in one big “opera”, spacing from progressive rock (and even metal) to more electronic and ambient soundbeds.
He defined Shùil to be an “experimental work, with complex sounds, shapes and colours”.

Valerio Giovine

Guitars, orchestral arrangement

Valerio is a writer, composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist.
He wrote and recorded most of the guitar tracks across the entire album and he took care of the orchestral balancing and re-arranging.
With many years of experience working with names such as Mercedes Benz, Google and many more, other than 6 albums published, he is the latest addition to the Shùil family, bringing a huge value to the whole project.

Mauro Aspite

Lead vocals, backing vocals, choirs

Mauro’s powerful and multi-faceted voice has been chosen to lend character to this musical creation. He’s the first and only singer Alessio could ever think of, to the point that he said that, if he were to decline his proposal to partecipate, this would have ben an instrumental concept album
In the writing process, Mauro tailored each voice line to perfectly fit the songs, both musically and according to the mood of the concept. The result is a dynamic set of voices which giving texture and movement to the narration of Shùil.

Andrea Giovannoli


Andrea and Alessio have been collaborating in music projects since 2012. He is an amazing drummer, musical and versatile, well-versed with both rock/metal and electronic/ambient drums.
On board since 2016, when he was told about Shùil for the first time, he brought his vision and expertise to contribute in shaping the rythmic background of the entire concept album.
Mixing and experimenting with patterns and styles he strongly contributed in developing the final sound of Shùil.

Guest musicians

More instruments!

Alessandro Bacceli

Guest piano in track 04 – Insomnia

Francesco Mari

Guest classical guitar in track 11 – The Voyage

Pasquale Giovine

Guest electric guitar in track 14 – of Danger

Matteo Farindolini

Guest electric guitar in track 15 – The Artefact and track 17 – Burial Grounds

Alessandro Petrini

Guest electric guitar in track 18 – of Death

Hologram Studios

Drums recording, voice recording, mixing, mastering

As for every music work, the sound is of paramount importance.

In Shùil, both the recording of drums plus voice and the mixing/mastering of the whole double-CD have been taken care by Hologram Studios, in the person of Giacomo Pasquali and Giampiero Ulacco.

They took care of getting the best out of Andrea’s drums and Mauro’s voice and they finally shaped the sound of the whole concept.