Shùil is a story about photography, travel and adventure.
On a September cloudy afternoon Craig Sinclair, a professional photographer and reporter, sits on his desk and starts to wonder about a long-time obsession he’s been having. Could it ever be possible to shoot photographs with the same level of detail and accuracy used by the human eye to render the world surrounding us? Those few lines written on a notebook set the starting point of an incredible adventure, leading him and his fellows to solve intricate mysteries, face unknown forces and sail afar through stormy oceans, fighting for what they believe in.

The story is set in an imaginary fantasy-steampunk Scotland, in the second half of the 19th century; the mainline originates in the hometown of our protagonist, a small burg called Sgòth Baile.

It’s a tale of passion, faith, resilience and willpower which will drag you in a world of cogs and steam, teal and orange, technology and mysticism.

Music-wise, Shùil is an eclectic piece of work, spacing between various musical genres but keeping its own identity and original blueprint; the structure sinks its roots deep into the “prog-rock” music genre, growing strong from there and extending its branches to reach electronic sonorities, as well as sountdtrack-style soundscapes and even heavier tones.

Ambient atmospheres and moods and a progressive attitude flow through all the 23 tracks that compose the double CD, reinforcing the musical foundations of the project and defining it to be an experimental work, with all its shapes and colours.