Shuil mix is now complete!

Hello folks!

I am pretty excited to report that as of today, Shùil mix has been completed by Hologram Studios!

It’s been a long ride since April the 13th 2020, when the composition of the concept album started, until now.

From the gathering of all the notebooks and the audio files, scattered through the years, to the creation of the first Cubase project, many things happened. I could find the time to start composing all the 23 tracks due to the forced lockdown, after the COV-19 outbreak – such a devastating event for the whole humanity.

I wish this “pandemic-thing” never happened, but it did, and it can’t be undone, so if I have to take a silver lining out if all this mess… that silver lining would be Shùil itself.

You’ll soon be able to listen to the whole concept album, in the meantime you can follow Shùil on Instagram to stay up to date and enjoy the weekly content!