Welcome to Shùil website!

Hello folks!

If you’ve landed here, this means that you are reading Shùil Music Project’s first “blog” post.

“What is Shùil?” You might ask.

Well it’s pretty simple, Shùil is an idea by Alessio Felicioni; a 23 tracks concept album, set in an imaginary Scotland, at the and of the XIX century. It’s a story about a photographer, Craig Sinclair, who decided that he wanted to find out if it could be ever possible to shoot photographs with the same level of detail and accuracy the human eye uses to render the world every day. From this “simple” thought, originates an incredible journey, bringing our hero to travel the world, searching for something, some kind of “alien” mineral, which could finally enable him and his fellows to achieve this goal.

These few lines are just to sum up A LOT about this project, if you want to know more about the story, you’ll have to wait a bit and, in the meanwhile, follow Shùil social media, to stay up to date with all the releases, previews and all sorts of things!

Learn more about the concept!

Here you can also find some info about the talented artists who partecipated in the making of this album, some of whom are Valerio Giovine (guitars, orchestra), Mauro Aspite (vox) and Andrea Giovannoli (drums)! More info in “THE CREW” page!

This website is also a landing spot where you can find various info about the project, but it will also be the place where you’ll be able to get your physical copy of the CD, with all the goodies that come with it, other than high quality prints of the beautiful artworks made by Roger Angeles and Fabio Marinacci and other pretty nice items we plan to make just for you guys!

So you’ll just have to lurk around a bit to discover this world originated from the embrace of several passions, fuse together to form an etherogeneous yet cohesive musical environment.

Thank you for reading this post and stay tuned on Shùil social media! You can find links to the Instagram page here to the right of the post (if you are on a desktop computer) or at the top/bottom of the page!